Should I be sad or should I just move on?

So I just broke up with my boyfriend , we dated for almost two years !! It's killing me inside but I know that things weren't gonna work out , he never payed attention to me he was always on his phone , he wouldn't make me happy and he would always make me cry, he never had a simple detail with me , right when we were breaking up , he said this " it's your fault , sex it's always the same , life with you it's the same , on weekends it's the same its your fault your boring.." And honestly I'm the most fun person you will ever meet.. Even tho he was like this with me I still feel like shit and I know I'm gonna miss him a lot , what should
I do?


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  • Concentrate on you. Do something for yourself that he never liked. Keep busy and spend time with friends. Think with your brain rather than heart. Time will heal eventually but these are some tactics I use.


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