It's there any hope for me and my wife of ever being as happy and in love as we were b4 she cheated?

When imeet my now wife, we were in love hard core, happy all the time, I've always treated her with respect and she was the only woman in the world i could see. Then she got pregnant, and shut changed, iwas happy about being a dad, and she acted like she was too. But out of no where she became a child bitch, talking about needing space and Shit. Then around our baby shower she started acting normal again so proposed to her, she accepts. Well, turns out she was cheating on me foramonth while6months pregnant. Ididn't find out till 4years later and on kid number2. Iuse to look at her with the love of the world in my eye. I seriously had a sparkle in my eye every time she walked into the room. And now, a full year afterD-day, ican't look at her with the same wonder, sometimes i can't even look at her in the eye. I love her so much, if she had told me when it happened i would have surely kicked her out. Causeb4 we made the commitment to each otherilayered it all out in the table, iwould never make her do anything, I'll always support act protect her, I'll deal with your crazy days and i can can handle anything you will go threw. Butican't handle being cheated on. That's it, I'll be there for you for the rest of your life if you want, just be faithful. and she agrees. So, she kept it a secret from Me for4 years, by this timei have started my life and family with her. It hurts knowing that I'm not important enough to fallow the1 thing i needed to be happy. We've been in Councling and she quit her job to stay home with thekids. But can't enjoy any of the pricless moments a man should with his family cause when they happen i kinda realise it, you know, those times you make a mental movie cause you know it's a milestone, and always get taken over by her fucking someone else and tearing apart our family. She has ruined my dad moments it seems. Is there any hope for us?
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  • I'm so sorry to hear this... It really sucks when you put stuff on the line to love someone and they just decide to mess it up like it means nothing. It just goes to show that we can't have everything and we can't really base our happiness on another person cause they might just throw it away the first chance they get and in the worst way on top of that.

    think of it this way... The cheating was her decision along her journey... I can't tell you how to feel bout that but yes I guess its bound to change how you feel about her. But what I can tell you is dont let her decisions and actions disrupt your journey and your joy in your kids and in your overall life. Choose joy and forgiveness for your own health.

    and on leaving her... How will you be going foward? Will you trust again? Will you enter the next marriage and relationship expecting the person to consider you first in their decisions? Will you take the bitterness out on them? What will life look like after you've left her? And what will life look like if you stayed with her?

    either way, make sure that you are happy and the outlook is positive. Dont dwell on that decision she made cause anyone can make it... Anyone can drop your happiness... And they can do it everytime

    • Its all about how much you trust yourself to pick it up when they do... And be happy and content with your life

Most Helpful Guy

  • Look man I feel Ya bro. No it's over. She hurt you too bad. You sound like me as far as seriousness in the commitment of one other and bro if she did it once and it took 4 years to say something then she'd do it again and not say nothing. And how did you find out about her cheating? Did she tell you?

    • Ya, afteriasked her again. I saw a text to her friend talking about some britich guy that was sitting at the table next to us when me and our daughter were right across the table. And that stuck me as fucked up. so it got me thinking

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  • No because you can never trust her the same as you did before.


What Guys Said 4

  • She HAS lied to while 6months preggers, is it yours even? Then 4yrs later you find out, you can't look her in the face, she has destroyed your dad moments. Kick her ass to the fucking curb.

  • Yeah man this is a horrible situation I won't even lie to you. That shit sucks! Anyway I hope you're doing well as I feel for you bro. But you have to do what best for you to be happy even though you have a kid. Once a cheater always a cheater. Who knows maybe years down the road she'll do it again. If it were me I'd leave her and fight for custody which is a challenge in its self. You might have to pay alimony and child support on top of that. And if you gain custody which I hope you do then you most likely will not receive child support from her because of her no job having ass. But thats tough man I hope you make the right decision. Good luck bro.

  • U fucked up by letti g her stay home. Tell her to get a job then sivorce her and file for custody.

  • Congrats to make yourself her toy and being cheat on and accept it WHY?

    Go the hell fuck divorce this damn bitch why you want to stay with this bitch? Do you think she will be faithful or what?


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