Guy Says He Needs Space, I don't understand Whats Going On Now?

Guy asked for space, So I didn;t reply to his message and didn't say anything to him, I updated my status on Friday on whatsapp
said no distance is too far as long as I have you, feelings are real, I can't forget you. I also uploaded a photo of me holding a bouquet of red roses, the next day he messages me, it was 2 weeks since I had messaged him, he asked me how I was, I asked him, and that was about it. Tonight I changed my profile photo to a new photo of me, later tonight he changed his photo to one of him, He once said to me that he doesn't like taking photos of himself, I just wondered why I change mine and He then changes his profile photo. I sent him a message tonight to ask how he was, he's not replied as yet, is he trying to play it cool now, make me wait for a message? Why did he change his photo after me?


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  • He's tsking soace like he said he needed...

  • You're taking yourself too seriously.

    • I don't understand what you mean by that?

    • What are you looking for with this guy? These subliminal messages will get you nothing but hurt feelings. So what if he changed his picture after you changed yours.

    • Because He always had the same photo, and I change mine tonight, and he changes his

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