Does no contact rule work if they still view your social media?

So she still views my social media and it shows me she does. I post pics that I think are funny. Posted videos of my new job I got. Pics at the gym. Some pics with Other girls. If she knows everything going on in my life will this no contact not work?
Takes away from the mystery?


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  • It probably will, but she will most likely just continue to stalk you. Its normal after a break up to check up and see what your ex is doing. If she keeps over a long period of time, she probably isn't over you. She might listen to the no contact thing, but she might not. It depends on what kind of person she is. If you believe she will, she probably will.

    • I agree I doubt she's over him

    • Don't think it takes away from the mystery?

    • That's the point. She doesn't want mystery. She probably wants you back, and probably wants you to know it.

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