Should I move on or try to get her back?

In the beginning I saw her, fell for her, gone so close as to being her best friends. All I wanted to do is her happy most time when I can. The moment she started was looking at someone else. My heart felt sore. Despite the odds of having others get her attention away. I fought hard to win her attention. She saw I really cared about her so she wanted me more than friends with her; eventually it led me to wanting to spend my life with her.

However as time passed for us in this relationship constant bad things just started happening. In a way she hinting at me she wanted out but didn’t want to hurt me. I didn’t pick it up those hints and thought she needed to make this relationship work. Until one day and one moment I lost my head and betrayed her trust with someone I don’t even know. This shattered her, and this relationship has gone to a worst possible state ever. I didn’t mean to do it.

I loved her but my stupid actions has messed everything up. Eventually she wanted to break up with me. I wanted to let her know in my actions I didn’t mean to do it. I wanted to work things out without cheap talk. Instead I wanted counselling together but she refused. She was willing to throw that away.
Deep down I get the feeling she is very happy without me in her life. As time passed after the break up I am getting the feeling I am starting to understand this. Her being happy in most ways possible.

I have been the delusional one in thinking that we could save us and the relationship. In fact it was the complete opposite.

I am trying my best. All the constant things I have done to push her away. I did my best as I could be make her happy. In the end I made a fool of myself in trying to chase after some that has already gone. All things considering maybe we were never meant to be.


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  • Just move on. You betrayed her. You laid your bed and there's no excuse. Leave her be


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