Did he basically just say that he is/was talking to other girls when we were together?

My boyfriend (now ex) and I just broke up a few minutes ago. I decided to end things because I was tired of the way things were going and it just was not working out. He called me lazy because I did not scratch his back when he saw me last week because he was giving me any attention and too busy watching tv to give me a kiss. We got into a huge fight and I told him that he can now go and make his Tinder girls his number one priority which they always have been and his response tot hat was "at lease they won't be lazy". I already asked one of my other friends and he says that statement basically rats himself out and he was in fact talking to other girls on this dating app.

Extra Info:

I had my suspicion he was talking to other girls on Tinder because during Valentine's Day weekend he was out on a business call in a different state. I told him jokingly that he owed me a date when he got back, when he got back he said he was too broke to take me out. A few days after that he posted a picture on Tinder under "my moments" a picture with his bank account amount crossed out, but you could still see the amount. I was really upset by that because I saw no purpose for him to post something like that when he was suppose to be in a relationship with me.
  • Yes, his statement did rat him out and he was talking to other girls on Tinder while in a relationship with you.
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  • No, his statement did not rat him out and maybe he was being honest when he said he was not talking to other girls on Tinder.
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Valentines Day

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  • He was trying to get your goat, doesn't matter either way as you have moved on right?


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Valentines Day