Obsessing over an ex went way too far, help me?

so i've been dating this guy for 6 months, we both liked each other and he was good to me but i figured out some stuff about him that made me uncomfortable so i brokeup with him right away
even though it happened a year ago i couldn't let him go.. emotionally
i am stuck in this place where i know for a fact that he is a player who disgust me but i still like him a lot
i tried dating other guys but i kept comparing any new guy to him!
i am an architecture student, am supposed to be busy with my designs and buildings like all the time, i used to read a lot of books , and compose music but having this on my mind THE WHOLE TIME made it hard for me to focus on any other thing !
and what's making it worse that we have classes together almost everyday, avoiding him is just not possible !!

help me people ! iwanna move on this is not how i pictured my academic life which is drawning by the way ! i don't wanna be with him but i cannot stop stalikng him and stuff
it has been a long furstrating year and i just want the full-function me back !! i have dreams and plans & this standing in the way of everything
what to do to rescue me from this?


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  • "The more you will try to forget, the more you will remember."

    You should better find a new guy and keep yourself busy in hobbies. Over time, his memories will fade away.


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