Would you apologize to an ex-bf for a past lie?

We broke up 3 months ago. During that time I lied once about my ex boyfriend career and that he was in a "high paid career". Only I reason I said that was because my bf was in a band and almost 40, I said the lie about my ex to him to maybe give him more "aspirations" to get serious about his future and be more responsible if he wanted a future together. Anyways, we broke up 3 months ago and he found out i lied and now he's bashing me on Facebook calling me a liar, fake, abusive, he's even saying I'm stalking him!! These are all lies. I left him alone after the breakup. His friends have even bashed me and have made fun of me. This is a grown man? Why is he doing this now after 3 months? I feel like he wants to just ruin me because a lot of people believe him. Should I apologize about my lie? Or just move on forget it and eventually he'll stop bashing me?


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