What could the astrologer's prediction mean? I'm freaking out :( ?

Okay my boyfriend Alex and I were together for about a year and a half. Honestly, he is total sweetheart, everyone loves him. He's really friendly, genuine and a really good guy. He was my first official boyfriend that I can honestly say i fell deeply in love with.

Well we broke up last week. He said that he wishes nothing but the best for me & that i'm an amazing girl, etc. I was heartbroken & all.

BUT literally a week later, I was walking home when a middle-aged man stopped me in the middle of the street to ask me to help him locate the nearest bus stop. I showed him and as I turned to go inside my building, he said "You're too kind and too honest."

Which is true. But I never met this guy before so I was obviously confused by how he knew that. I walked over curiously and he said "i'm an astrologer. There's something stressing you out right now. Don't tell me. Write it down on here but don't show me. After you write it down, crumple it but keep it in your hand. Write down the situation, the person's name and your age"

He took out a pen and notepad & i wrote down 'my boyfriend dumped me,' Alex's name and my age. And i crumpled up the paper.

So he went on to say "There's a wicked woman in here. Don't stress out." I didn't want to ask if he was going to come back so I asked him if I should still be his friend. And without hesitation the astrologer said yes.

When the astrologer told me that, he also took out a pen and paper and wrote down stuff too & crumpled it up.

After that, he said 'don't stress out. You tend to consume a lot of food when you stress out' And he opened up his paper and told me to show him what i wrote down.

His answers were exactly the same as mine. He said 'There is a wicked, wicked woman. Don't stress out.' And then he left.

Well I tend to over analyze everything and i worry a lot. What could this mean? That he's really meant to be mine in the end? :/ I've never felt so stressed out in my life before I'm worried.
Just to clarify, the astrologer never asked for money, and he approached me.


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  • The wicked woman looks to be the boys mother or his ex girlfriend but
    i keep seeing the word Aunt come to me. Would there be a Aunt of yours
    can't mind her own business and doesn't want see you happy or she could
    be jealous yes you want stay away from this woman...

    • His mom loved me, everyone in his family did actually :/
      And he only met my aunt once & my mom never disliked him so that rules out all of us

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  • An astrologer or a psychic? Do you know the difference? Sounds like a generic reading to me and nothing to be stressed out about. You make fear come alive so stop feeding it.

    • He just said he was an astrologer, so I'm just going by what he said.

  • Maybe your boyfriend broke up with you for another girl who turns out to be a bitch and he leaves her realizing how much better you are for him.

    • i hope so.. I can honestly say that I'm a good girl. I want to get married with him in the future. I truly do see him as my soulmate & I have never felt this way about anyone else. I'm not the kind of girl to cheat and I'm very loving and nice. I love him so much.

  • Don't believe any of that garbage, miss. It's garbage. :l

  • You are stupid. Stop freaking out.

    • No reason to be rude hun.

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