How do I get over this, because it seems impossible?

So I've always been bullied my whole life. A year after high school I met this girl who Quickly became my best friend we were super close told eachother EVERYTHING we were like sisters that knew eachother forever. We were so comfortable around eachother and it was the only real friendship I've had. She knew everything about me. I found out 6 months after she was 6 years younger then me. 18-12 she told me she was 16 I guess because she looked like she was was taller then me and looked a lot more mature then that. By this time I didn't want to lose her she was like a younger sister. Anyway about a year later I found out she was shoplifting I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen. Then next 6 months she ended up getting me in trouble by being with her so I told her I can't go down for this u need to stop or I have to stop shopping with u. I had my whole future ahead and I wasn't going to ruin it with a criminal record. So she pretty much got mad and didn't want to be friends. But that last 6 months we were constantly fighting but would make up. This one we didn't. She hurt me more then anyone by telling me I'm an ugly eczema freak who will never get a boyfriend when at the time I trulu believed it. I called her one mean name immediately regretted it and said sorry. I thought we were okay but she didn't want to hang out anymore. Went to hockey games all the time together so I still see her at them now it's been 6 months. I found out I bought the same hoodie as her so now she despises me. Gives me dirty looks and everything. I smile at her but yeah. It really hurts. I miss her so much. Even though I found a boyfriend and am around guys a lot now. I don't have a close girl friend. And it hurts knowing she moved on and has lots of close girls. It's so hard to get over it when I see her all the time and just wish we could be friends again. I've tried apologizing but she just laughs at me tells her friends and they all laugh.
I also had a job and she didn't so I would buy her nice things. Just because we promised we'd never break apart always be best friends. Every time we fought she told me I'd never lose her. Well I did. And she told me yeah I just used u and laughed so hard at me. Then she apologized once and said sorry but she started being rude again. Her family who used to love me to pieces just glare at me and it's just so hard to handle. :(


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  • Boundaries... any relationship can out grow. Sounds like you're ready to move fwd. You have to learn to be open to relationships while establishing boundaries. I wouldn't worry about guys.. theyll come around


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  • You did the right thing by ditching the criminal to protect yourself. I don't think you should feel bad (though I understand how you feel) because you can see her true colors now. She ended up being a bitch all along, as well as being a criminal, so you should just try your hardest to forget about her.. though I know that's way easier said than done.

    • It's so hard though. We both go to every single hockey game I see her walking around all the time. It's hard. I miss her. I can forgive her mistakes I just want her back..

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    • See the one good thing about her is I somewhat met my boyfriend through here. Well in a complicated way. I was really shy she was not. She came to my staff party and met my one co worker and they flirted and stuff so that meant me hanging out with them both all the time. Then once we "broke up" in September he invited me over o didn't want to go alone because I was still shy so I invited my one friend and he said there was 4 guys. With her he would have never invited us over (he never did when there was other guys) anyway my bf was with a girl I didn't ask much about her. But it obviously didn't work out but I always thought he was cute. Then he started liking the one friend that I brought which hurt bc I was always chosen last. But she didn't want him bc she was taller which was pathetic. But anyway he started liking me and I had no clue bc I had a low self esteem and didn't think he would in a million years

    • So that all happened the other friend was a bitch about it pretending to "like him" just bc I did and she found out and wanted him bc I did. Anyway he sort of clued Into that and became mine so some ways im happy we are done. Because there's a chance I'd still be single.

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  • She sounds like a manipulative user. She lied about her age. She lied buying things. Probably the only true this she's told you is that she's used you. Do you really need a person like that in your life?

    It may not seem like it now, but you will make new friends that will actually be your friend instead using you. A girl like that will never have real friends becuase she can't stand to let herself be a real person.

    Are you going to school or working somewhere where you can join a club or take a fun class? Who knows maybe one of your bf's friends will pick up a new gf that you'll click with :)


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