Some of the first things girl's do when they break it off with their boyfriend?

I'm just curious as females feel like it may be time to end a relationship what are your thoughts as it's about to end.. your first course of action/instinct
  • rebound/scope out potential mate
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  • build up contacts of friendzone guys as the relationships ending
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  • work on yourself; homework, school, work, fitness
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  • be social and flirt for fun
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  • all or a combination of the above
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  • First thing? Cry. We'd be staying in bed and couldn't get out of bed for about 1 week, lose some weight from lost of appetite, then when we run out of people who will listen to us talk and cry about our bad relationship, we finally get off bed and make a list of things we've always wanted to do/see/eat/buy that we couldn't have otherwise done while in the crappy relationship, we will think about the ex every now and then when we go out and do those fun and happy things, but less and less. After this we recover our sense of self-worth and go out with guys that would treat us right.


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  • It really depends on the relationship and the girl. If it wasn't a good one in the end, usually i would start being more social and flirty just to try to get back to normal And enjoy my freedom. If it was a good one that ended for uncontrollable reasons, it is easier for me to be more introverted and work on myself.

  • Same thing as I do while in a relationship. C.
    Work on self improvement. The only person I gotta be better than is the person I was yesterday.
    But I guess after a breakup I focus even more cuz I don't got some guy weighing me down.

  • cry for couple of day after that go out and be fun with others. lol


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