How could he replace me immediately?

i've been in a short but very intense relationship with this guy, we used to talk 24/7 and date almost every day/night. It felt like i know him in a long time and not just 1 month. I felt like i found my soul-mate, cause we had a loooot in common, and we could talk, and have fun like best friends, and the whole time he would be telling me that finally he found the one he was looking for his entire life; alsoo last but not least, i was extremely attracted to him, like to no-other man before in my entire life! Lately thinigs went out of control and we started to argue, and after some days he told me that "all the arguments made him feel cold and that we'd be better off without one-another", so i gave him the space he needed without being "pushy" or "needy".. just after 5 days of our break-up, he posted a picture with a girl telling the whole world that she's his girl. After that, he didn't stop posting, and now he has almost 5 pics of them together. Im going nuts, hooooow in hell could he? or, im really stupid, not to be able to notice that i've been played!!

also, i need to add that, we held hands in public, he told his family about me and introduced me to his best friends...

p. s we NEVER had SEX!


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  • Women and men both do this. They will commit to a relationship intensely for a short period of time then either start to realize they don't want a relationship or they are unsure if they want to continue one. Being in your early twenties sucks. I was that asshole to women and women have been that asshole to me. But break ups in those situations were even worse. I was to afraid to tell girls the real reason I left them because i never wanted to hurt any of their feelings. So i would distance myself in the relationship and start fights so i could blame the break up on us fighting. It was immature and a cop out. The truth is you both are young and will probably go through even more instances like this. My number one rule, I should say you should go by, is to be hesitant at the beginning of a relationship. If you throw yourself in too quick there is usually a high possibility of hurt feelings. But if you have some restraint and slowly build into the relationship the red flags can become more apparent. And hopefully you'll be able to end it before you get too hurt. Also on a side not don't worry about the pictures he post on Facebook in my experience most of the people who post how happy they are, usually aren't. They do it to get the likes and comments from people they are barely friends with. People who are actually happy shouldn't need to tell the world on social media, it would just be visible in their actions.

    • Good insight.

    • Thanks a lot! a value every word u said. It really helps me feel better, to have the opinion of others, especially, the opinion of the other gender.

    • Have u ever regretted copping out or breaking up over a fake fight? Beenther?

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  • My Mom told me this and I have seen it with my own two eyes on two separate occasions. Men replace their women without hesitation. Women grieve the loss of their boyfriends, partners or husbands.

    Please note that this doesn't necessarily go for all men, it's just what I have seen happen.

    • Thank u for sharing this with me. I really appreciate it a lot Xx

  • Sounds like he might be the type of guy who runs on infatuation highs. These people need things to be perfect.

    And the arguments sounded like they resulted from being together too much... Space is a good thing.

    You might have clicked, but I think he might have perceived you as clingy, and that can be a major turn off, especially if he himself is clingy... Sorry, girl :L

    • Thank u for ur opinion, and for ur time! :) X

  • He could be trying to make you jealous or that's how he talks to all girls, he tells them ''you're the one.'' Exactly how long did you date each other?


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