Being friends with 'ex' ?

We were never really together and I hinted that I want it to be official but he said he doesn't want to have a long distance relationship and want to focus on his studies and work first. There's no other girl and he said he's not looking for one either and that he still likes me. I'm just not sure if he likes me as just a friend and nothing else?

He told me I should entertain other guys and not wait for him because he would feel bad to ask me to wait for him. I told him it's okay for me, but he doesn't want.

At the same, he says its highly unlikely that we'll be together even when he comes home because according him, if he would tell me there's a chance, no matter how small, I would think there's 100% chance and thus stop entertaining other guys.

He also keeps on changing his reasons why he want to end how we are right now. At first, it was long distance then he's lazy then he said we don't match and after asking questions changed it to he just wants to be alone. I asked him if there's no one else and he's not looking for anyone, why did he want to end what we have? He just said he dont know.

Why does he wantme to entertain other guys so bad if he likes me? :( I did mention before something like so we won't each other's time... is this why he's acting this way? He doesn't want me to waste my time waiting for him?

I just don't understand because I feeel like he's suddenly pushing me away but tells me that he still likes me. What do you think?

Anyway, he's coming back here for good after 3 years.

I really like him and want to hopefully get together with him someday when he's here for good. Which would increase that likelihood?

Staying friends and showing that I'm always there for him, supporting him as a friend and maybe someday he'll see that he wants me as more than that? Or keeping my distance for those 3 years and hoping he'll miss me and contact me?

I've been reading advices on the net and... I want real advice from people haha.


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  • I wouldn't recommend that, being friends with an ex never works and it is awkward. You are better off just cutting off all contact with him and never speaking to him again.

  • No do not attempt this


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