I don't understand why he broke up with me. Haven't spoken in a month, should I text him or just accept it's over?

My ex broke up with me a month ago. I was confused about the break-up though. I invited him out to a party with my friends and he thought I was trying to make him jealous when I wasn't. All I ever did was try to include him in my life, but every time I would try to do things for him he would just accuse me of trying to make him jealous, or trying to piss him off.

He said that I was closed off and I didn't listen to him, I didn't show him that I liked him. He just kept on going on about everything that I was doing wrong. I tried to trust him more, and I was getting better, so I was starting to open up more... and I was trying to do more things to show him that I cared and how I felt about him.. but just nothing was ever enough.

My friend had a dinner a week before we broke up and I invited him.. I tried so hard to give me lots of attention so he wouldn't get mad at me afterward. Even my friends were commenting and poking fun at me for being all over him, but I told him he always thinks I ignore him so I was being extra flirty on purpose. Then the next day he said that I barely paid any attention to him. No matter what I do nothing is enough.

So he broke up with me because he said I'm never going to change and that I'm only going to break his heart. I felt so confused.

Was he trying to manipulate me? Everything I did, as hard as i tried, absolutely nothing was enough. No matter what he still thought I was a bad person, that I didn't show him how I felt, that I was trying to make him jealous. But in reality I did so much for him. And he actually did nothing for me.

What is up with him?


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  • It seems like you are doing the right thing! There mignt be ither things going on in his life that are bothering him! - are you still into him?

    • I still have feelings for him, but I'm fighting them because it seems like he's not good for me and he's just manipulative. Is it possible that he's actually a good person but is behaving this way because of other issues in his life?

    • Oh true... message me?

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  • Most likely he doesn't care about you. Whatever you are doing isn't working so time to try to move on. Invest your energy on someone who cares. This one doesn't! Sorry.


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  • Just accept it's over.


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