Dreaming about my ex?

So last night I dreamt of beating up my ex. I do hate her cause she was so unfaithful yadda yadda yadda but this dream was graphic, I beat her SO bad. I NEVER would hit her in real life , lets make this clear. But in the dream I would hear her say I love you or something like I want you back but look as cold and uncaring like usual, or she would say something super bitchy and mean but look caring, on top of that occasionally she would kiss me and I would kiss her back , and it would be all sweet and emotional until I pushed her away and continued to hit and kick her, what does this mean please help I'm confused?
Please, some more people give your two cents.


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  • Well she hurt you pretty bad, whenever partners cheat it crushes your self esteem, worth and creates a lot of issues for your next partner.

    Girls tend to scar with words while guys fight with hands.

    In your dream it reveals that you still hold a lot of anger towards her which is understandable. What does it mean?

    Well one day in the future you will forgive her, only then will you move on. You'll forgive her once you've faced all of the pain she caused you, talking about it and then understanding it. This of course doesn't happen over night...

    So for now, Forget her.. she's a coward.


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