Should I contact my ex it's been a month?

So she ended things last minute. She was about to run away with me and choose me over her parents. Parents told her she would never speak to her again if she did this. But she was settled on moving out with me and backed out last minute.

I guess looking back I really didn't show her I care and she told me this before. Guess I'm that asshole boyfriend. I wish I could of done things different. I want to give her some closure even if she doesn't want me apart her life ever again. Should I do this? I know she's at her worst right now. she called me that next day Hysterically crying. Things got messy with the break up.

miss her like crazy. Been the lonest month of my life.
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  • To be completely honest I think it's best to just leave her alone because she may be feeling a bit better now and if you contact her it may hurt her again. I know you want to show her that you care but that may hurt even worse trust me I know I just went through a break up and my ex was mean and told me that he didn't love me and I was sad for a bit but was feeling better after a while then he contacts me and tells me he still loves me and cares for me which hurt me even worse then him telling me that he didn't love me because now I know he loves and he just walked away.

    But it's totally up to you, I know you still love her and you miss her but if you contact her it will be a lot harder on you and her to move on. But if you want to try and work things out with her then you should contact her but if closure is what you want to give her I would say no just leave her alone.

    • I'm madly in love with the chick. I thought she was the one. Broke my heart when she left. I don't know if I should just man up and realize this isn't a happy ending movie or just go for it and tell her how I really feel. Think I'll regret it forever if I don't.

      Just out of curiosity how long did it start taking you to feel better?

    • If you love her that much then you should tell her because life is all about taking chances and you don't want to live life with regret k who knows she may be waiting for you to contact her that's how most women are but just go for it k but just know it might not go as you want it to and you have to be ok with that.

      And as for me I have not been able to feel better because it's only been 3 weeks and he still contacts me which hasn't allowed to to get over it or move on.

    • my intentions are to let her know how I care and want to apologize on how I treated her. Let her know I understand where she came from. if there is no emotional response during that conversaton I'll deesculate it anf tell her I want her to move on see other poeple. End it with a witty inside joke and we'll move our separate ways.

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  • Give it a couple of more months and see where that goes. I would contact her so quickly she probably still needs more time of getting over you. Give it about 5 months probably and maybe try contacting her again.

    • Well if she's completely over me isn't that kind of counter intuitive if I want her back?

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    • If she does not want you back I would just let her be.

    • *wouldn't*

  • I think if you truly love her, you should let her go. That is a tough thing to do, but sounds like you are both very young and this just isn't a time to run away. Maybe you can finish school and become financially established, so maybe many years from now, if fate brings you back together, you can be a better man to her.

  • It's probably better if you leave things be... It sounds like it's been a rocky month for both of you.

    • Don't want her to think I don't care anymore rather leave on my terms.

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