Can somebody help with this?

I broke up with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago, because I didn't love her but I still have feelings and care about her, will I always have feelings for her or will they go if I ignore her and my emotions by keeping busy and speaking to other people?


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  • I think you will always care for her, but not in the way you use to, as time goes on your feelings with subside, and they will lessen.. everyone deals with their feelings in different ways, and the heart mends at it's own time, if you truly want to fully get over her, then you will have to distance yourself for a bit, the common mistakes people do, is decide to be friends with their ex- forcing themselves to think they have to be there for them as a friend when in reality it just may confuse your feelings and emotions even more, for your own sake steer clear for a little bit, speak to other people not only because you've just broken up but because it's nice to be social one in a while.


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