I kissed my ex and she reopened the lines of communication. Even though she says she's happy and loves her current bf. What should I do?

We have been broken up for a year. We were together for 2.5 years and I was madly in love with her, but somewhere she just stopped loving me. I treated her like a queen, making her happy made me happy. A month after we broke up she started dating this guy the was in our friend group I'm pretty sure she cheated on me with, although she swears she didn't. We stopped talking for months, I lost her number, she blocked me on social media. Fast foward to last month and I meet up with her to get answers. The first time we met, I went to her job and kept it casual, I just wanted to let her know I didn't hate her and wanted to feel out the person she became the year we've been apart. The next time I went to her place to return her stuff and get mine, but that never happend. We smoked together, caught up on eachothers lives and had lunch together. It was strange, almost as if we never stopped talking to eachother. Whenever she mentioned her bf she only complained about him. After the lunch I unleashed my pent up emotions on her about why she left me. She said I treated her too well (WTF.) She'd been through a lot in our time together and I was her support every step of the way. She said she didn't know what love was and needed to leave me to grow up (We are the same age) I asked her after all I had done for her to tell me I was worthless and that she never loved me, and when she hesitated I kissed her. It was a short kiss but she kissed me back.(Her bf was calling her) I gave her a hug and told her I hope she loves him and is happy. She plans on moving states with him w/o finishing college. After I left, she unblocked me on Facebook and refollowed me on instagram, but I recently unfollowed her and she did the same. I JUST DONT KNOW she says she's happy and that she loves him, but after feeling reconnected with her and kissing her, Im so mixed up. I want the girl who’s heartbeat matched mine back. She cried a lot, Part of me feels like she did it b/c she feels like she owes me
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  • I think she is happy. The thing is you can love more than once, but I believe you never truly stop loving someone after separating. She didn't stop caring for you, just as you still Carr for her. Your connection was strong and you can't just stop. she blocked you in the first place to move on to a new love, not to show her hatred for you. You can still talk to her, but please don't chase her. There's a high probability for second heart break.


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  • Wait she have a bf and you kissed her = cheaters

    • I feel like had her bf not interrupted there would have been way more than a kiss.

    • I don know whats in your mind but since she have bf and she's ok with him dont involve with them unless she want to broke with him and back to you

      If her bf find out I think he will leave her and maybe she blame you for that

      And honestly I find shame to kiss a female wl she have bf I dont know its me only

      Up to you what you want to do but the facts say be wise and if she's happy with him leave them and there's thousands of thousands another pussy

    • And since you're sure she cheated on you and she said you treated her too well why you still into her? she's not the one it's weird what she said that you treated her too well

      Its time to move on drink pina colada and enjoy the space and find brand new girl

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  • That's amazing.


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