I told him we were taking break and he?

I told my bf we were taking a break and he thinks its just us not talking. But from my understanding It means were not together right? So what is taking a break?
I'll be honest... I tried so hard to break up with him but as soon as I saw his eyes I couldn't... I want to break up with him because I'm not happy. I don't have time for a relationship. I'm going to college full time and working part time.


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  • Taking a break means something different for everyone. Generally, I find that people claim they are taking a break so that they can go out date, maybe whore around, yet still have a cozy, comfortable, warm option waiting around for them. For me, taking a break means that you are still EXCLUSIVE and loyal to each other yet you are taking a break from each other’s presence. Maybe a text here and there to make sure you’re still alive is okay, but other than that, you are not contacting each other and you are not committing a daily portion of your time and energy to them because you are taking a break from the relationship.


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