Is there a chance of fixing this relationship that fell apart because of mental illness?

My bf & I dated for a year & had such an amazing, loving, beautiful relationship. We were best friends, each other's first everything, he was so sweet & gentle, the only issues were his on again off again depression. We broke up 2 weeks ago because of his depression that he's had since 4 months into our relationship & has been in therapy. It was extremely out of the blue bc he gets into depressive episodes that last a few weeks & he's been in one so I thought it wasn't anything usual- he was still being sweet & loving but distant. he told me he was extremely depressed and wasn't happy about anything in his life including us, even though he said he couldn't think of a single problem with us. He said I was his best friend & im the most amazing person he's ever met, but he doesn't feel in love with me. I asked him if he meant the things he said to me just a week ago (how he loved me so much & I cleared the mess in his head & he can't lose me) & he said of course he meant them. So then how did that change since then? He said he was just so confused and didn't know what he wanted or what was wrong with him, but he & his friends have told me he doesn't want to move on, only says good things about me & wouldn't be surprised if he wants to try again. we talked for the first time in a week today (he texted me first) & I asked him how he was- he said terrible. Again, he said he doesn't know what he wants but doesn't want to get my hopes up about getting back together because he just can't right now he said he's too messed up but he wants me in his life more than anything. He's increased his therapy to every week, he said he missed me, & when I was joking around with him he said he missed my sense of humor. I'm close with his friends & they told me they hardly hear from him lately & are worried about him. I want to be there as a friend for him bc I love him so much and would want to try again but I really am hurt from him saying he didn't feel in love with me. What do I do?
  • He does love you but he can't feel it right now because of his issues. He'll come back when he gets better, in the meantime you should be there as a close friend
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  • You should move on, you shouldn't have to suffer just because he's screwing up
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  • I used to have depression and until he gets over it, stay away. They take all their pain on you and will block you out from time to time. It's not worth it and he will only drag you down.


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