How do I break up with her?

so she's been gone for a week on a trip and I was gone for a week and a half on another trip. she just got back yesterday and today is our anniversary but she has been ignoring me since the last time I saw her (a couple weeks ago) and she said she didn't want to hang out for our anniversary. she's kindof changed and has been a b*tch for a while now. I think that it's time to end it but I just don't know how. help?


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  • Break up with her face to face. Don't break up with her over the phone, or over a text message, don't write a note. Just break up with her face to face, and then your done.


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  • tell her you're gonna fist her. She's definitely gonna break up with you. Say it with a really angry and passionate face and click your knuckles


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