When your jealous possessive and narcissistic ex wants you back? Should I? Do people really change? What has your experience been?

We only dated for a month but I've known him for years.
I loved his personality when we weren't dating.
But then I gave it a shot even though I knew it could be a mistake. (he has trust issues and he's been through a lot)

He put me through the ringer the whole month and I feel I did nothing to deserve that treatment. After many warnings, I finally broke it off.

Now he's calling everyday begging and says he'll change but from my experience: People don't change for long.

If he didn't have these issues, I would probably marry him. His personality is THAT good. But it's not worth it if I have to deal with this crap all of the time.


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  • Why the fuck would anyone knowingly date a narcissist? Do you want to be emotionally and psychologically abused until you don't know right from wrong any more?

    • Because despite his flaws, he possesses qualities that are hard to find in a man. He's funny, VERY smart, hard working, manly, well traveled, witty, works out, great in bed, the list goes on. Believe it or not, most men where I live aren't like this. They're more like metro-sexual attention whores who go out drinking every night, no morals or values, and they're dumb as rocks.
      He's different. But yes, I knew that there would be some hurdles coming into to it, but I didn't think that they would be as bad as they were.
      I think I'm a pretty good catch (not to sound conceited), but I see what's out there. But I guess me being a good catch made him even more possessive and crazy to be honest.

    • Narcissism is no joke and what your describing is typical of abusive relationships, if they were all bad no one would stay in them. Being with a narcissist will be MUCH! worse then a typical abusive relationship.

      If the guy your seeing is actually a narcissist you need to get out before you are permanently damaged or worse.

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  • People can change the way they are but it's a long process it takes a lot of working together communication between the two and a little trust it doesn't happen right away maybe he needs to take time to work on this and keep in touch before jumping back into a relationship with him


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  • He's the same.


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  • Every time I've gone back to an ex, it has been a bad idea.

  • Don't do it, it sounds like a bad idea.


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