I am going through the hardest time of my life so far and I needed a way of coping. so I started a blog?

So here's a quick rundown of what happened. About 6 months ago a 3 year relationship of mine "ended" and I turned to this site for help, and everyone was so understanding and helpful. What has happened since then is we kept sleeping together. Then for four months she begged me to get back with her but I was terrified she would hurt me again… Last week she slept with someone else for the first time since our relationship began. And now I'm nothing to her. It's like our time together didn't happen. Overnight she flipped and now all the seems to be interested in is having sex with strangers. It is tearing me to pieces. All I can think about is what she's up to with other guys.

I'm not the kind of person to go out and have one night stands, I enjoy intimacy, romance and trust so I haven't even thought of going near another girl yet. Anyway, I have no idea how to escape my head and move on, so I started a blog (link below) that lets me vent my feelings.


If anyone has any advice for me please share it, I am desperate.


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  • Sorry your relationship ended, and when you thought it was over you two kept sleeping together, i've definitely been in that position. None the less I know its hard, but if she's not trying anymore and looking elsewhere, its time for you to focus on yourself.. give yourself the attention that you need, never suppress your feelings or else you just might explode, always keep yourself busy and if it's easier to use a blog to track how you feel one day you'll look back and be happy you gotten through it. Break ups are tough as it takes a lot of effort to get back to your old self, from having this person apart of your everyday to not having them at all. Some people completely change post break up and they try new things, right now she's caring about herself, not you, or at least I don't think she's trying to intentionally hurt you. It's time for you to focus on yourself because in the end, your stuck with yourself.


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  • As difficult as it is in an emotional time like this, try and use logic.

    Look at the person she really is now. Be relieved that it ended when it did, rather than find out years down the road that y'all werent compatible.
    Stay busy, keeps yourself surrounded with friends and family. It'll get easier with time.

    Oh yeah, cut all ties to her. Phone numbers, social media, everything.


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  • Three years is such a long time to be with someone you will never be able to just forget her quickly, no matter how hard you try.

    I don't really know what advice to give other than that time is a healer. In my opinion from what you have said your better off without her now anyway, let her get on with her life and you get on with yours. You never know what will happen again in the future but life is too short to sit around waiting.

    There's no rush now, your single, you have your head screwed on (jumping into bed with someone or having one night stands is never going to help things. Just enjoy it, travel, make the most of your friends and family. Seems like you need a break from relationships and drama! 😊

    Sorry I Can't Be Anymore Helpful...


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  • Desperation is delicious.


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