What to say when an ex gf calls for this reason?

So my ex gf who lives 2 hrs from me called and said that the doctors are still running tests but found something that might be early onset of a dehabilating disease. When she told me I listened to her concerns/ fears and tried to take her mind off it by distracting her with good memories, and told her I'm always here for her. I just wish there was more I could do as I'm so scared for her and just want to hold her but I can't. Plus I spent the past year trying to move past her breaking up with me but now all that is coming unraveled. How can I be considerate of her condition/fears and still allow myself to move on? What can I say to her to make her feel better or at least take her mind off her fears/concerns? How can I possibly help her if she so far away as I can't even physically comfort her?


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  • Just let her know you will always be there for her, there isn't much you can do. Still date and carry on with life as normal, but still be there for her. To get over her once again carry on with life as normal. Do what you have been doing, but just let yourself talk to her, and comfort her.


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