Does my ex boyfriend want me back?

so my boyfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks ago after a fight, needless to say he got really frustrated and angry and I got upset. at first I wanted to try again with the relationship, but he said he loves me but didn't want to date me anymore.

i was really upset and I still love him to bits.

i go to school with him everyday and basically I followed my friends advice and pretended like I was cool with the break-up, we talk to eachother, he jokes around with me ect. ect. like we did before he first asked me out.

but the other day in class, he kept making jokes directly to make me laugh he kept taking my work and doodling faces on it then giving it back, he even took my bag and hid it behind him as a joke, he kept staring at me throughout the lesson and he's kept doing it since, I don't know what's going through his mind?
Does my ex boyfriend want me back?
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