He is warm and cold?

Hello, I just broke up with my boyfriend, I love him, I always loved him. Now we are talking on Skype and sometimes he says that he loves me, and sometimes he says do not talk to me anymore! What should I do? He rarely offends me!!


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  • Why the fuck are you talking to him if you broke up with him? Stop playing with his feelings you manipulative parasite. I hope he dumps your ass!

    • Man, take it easy, I'm talking to him because I love him, more than myself... I broke up with him because I was jealous about his girl friends, he was always looking at other girls and those thing irritated me! (At least I just wanted an advice :D)

    • No, you don't get brownie points for not being a narcissist. He's just being himself... a male... if you can't handle it you might want to consider dating women.

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