Not sure what in this situation?

After me and my ex broke he wanted to remain friends but I couldn't cuz I was hurt and got with another only a couple days after and then led me on. But he tried texting me all the time wanting to tlk. I told him I couldn't be friends he was upset about but respected my wishes. Months have gone by and I felt like I was able to handle it. So I reached out and he still wanted to b friends. We talked for alil over a week and then it stopped now he'll only respond if I text but won't pursue the convo just replies. I decided to stop texting and he hasn't texted me in for about a month. Not sure if I should ask what happened or tht he doesn't rlly wanna be friends or if it's to hard for him? Or just leave it alone?


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  • just don't text so much. you're only friends now, bit a couple anymore.

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