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A guy I was dating told me this: "Good morning, I've been thinking and I think we should just be friends for a while cuz I don't know what I want right." What does that mean? What makes someone decide that?


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  • He probably means that he is not sure if he likes you or not. He probably likes you and another girl and is trying to "decide" on one. It's sad, I know.

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    • That girl COULD be her but you can't be for sure. She could be his cousin, sister, step sister, his friend's girlfriend, etc.
      You can ask him about it if you want. He may get annoyed if you ask him though. If he replies but asks why you ask, you can easily say that she looks familiar or she looks like him or something like that. :)

    • *can't know for sure

      Sorry bad English lol

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