My ex broke up because we fought too much, is he done for good?

I'm confused my ex said when he broke up with me it was a forever thing, but then says I'm a rare girl but i haven't given him any space. I did beg For two weeks but now have been doing NC for 4 days! He said he does love me and cares deeply for me but that I need to grow. He said to watch a video called words are cheap how to convince your ex. So is he wanting me to show him I changed and give him space? He said he was torn because his feelings were powerful for me but that he couldn't be with me anymore. He told me to move on so be it because he needs time. He's also already on a dating side right after breaking up with me. He said he lost interest in the relationship because he was stressed. He also told me he wasn't closed minded about being with me in the further but that was a time of environment and product. I've been doing ok and leaving him alone to figure it out. I'm just scared with the outcome. I feel like he doesn't care and is moving on fast. Is he trying to date so fast for a void or maybe he lost all interest in it? He also said to be a good friend and don't hurt him in the process I declined the friendship. Is he trying to use me as anet?


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  • Why do you keep asking the same question. He is done. He is not coming back. He isn't coming back because you won't give him room. I know this because you are obsessed with him not coming back and have been for weeks.


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