Is my ex trying to get to me?

So my ex girlfriend is favoriting stuff and retweeting stuff on Twitter that i got her into which she said she never really liked until she met me like song quotes etc. But it seems she's doing it more often now. We broke up about a week ago she said she just wanted to be friends but I feel like she's just taunting me. She also completely ignores me in school when we're around each other in class she acts like I dont exist it just bugs me since it seems she's just trying to find stuff on social media just to remind me of her. Why would she be doing this?


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  • Whether she wants you back or if she is teasing you... she is just playing games... Don't even worry about it, find a better girl, and you win the ultimate game :)


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  • Yup, she is trying to win you back

    • How in the world is she trying to win me back when she broke up with me?

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    • Still not understanding the reasoning behind it at all

    • People regret and second guess their decision after stepping back from it all, girls And guys both. She is just second guessing herself, ignore her behavior.

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