My friends with benefits wants to talk to me after I had ended things?

Should I tell him he's not prohibited in touching me after hearing what he has to say first. He was my friends with benefits and I'm defi not doing this anyways. I like the guy but there's come a point where you say you deserve to be treated better. I feel like I'd hurt him if i tell him this because i feel he has more feeling as a friends with benefits but i haven't heard it from his mouth.

He sends me kisses and i do not know how to respond to them since i haven't spoken to him in person yet. I just send him another kiss.. but i think I'm going about it the wrong way with sending him a smooch.


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  • This is odd.


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  • You should probs stop sending kisses, it'll be giving him the wrong idea and if you have decided you don't want anything out of this then it'll probs end badly.

    If you do meet up in person, make it clear you don't want to do anything and do it in a public place so neither of you are tempted to start anything. Just be careful if you do, he might try to convince you to become friends with benefits again


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  • Too bad there's no emoji with a middle finger

    • Lol why?

    • not anicegirl thing to do

    • So you could send it to him silly! You deserve to be treated right not taken for granted. If you still want him, let him at least pay the admission price by giving you a good lick! Lol

  • always best to just be honest.


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