Guys: Is being with a girl a game to you? Do you tend to want her more when youve seen she's moved on?

I was in a relationship but my EX acted as if he wasn't in to me anymore. He started cheating and although he claimed he still loved me, it didn't stop him from being with someone else. I finally got fed up and moved on. He thought that he'd have a hold on me forever but now that he sees I've moved on, he's trying his hardest to get me back... I'm happy and there's no chance in hell he would ever get another chance to hurt me again. And now im wondering, is love a game with guys? Even after a certain age is chasing women still a turn on?


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  • Hmm, you moving on so fast has made him want you more now that your unavailable, and also made you more desirable..
    Yes purely an ego game, as soon as he got you back it would go to how it was before...
    Good on you for moving on so fast :) stay strong

    • Thanks!!! It's the hardest thing i ever had to do especially since he's the only man I've ever been with but meeting someone who's been treating me a way I only imagined my ex would have done. It's a great feeling... And i can't ever see myself downgrading again.

    • And you are showing how much you respect yourself !! Good for you

    • Thanks!!! :)

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  • Well for me I've noticed this that there are women who I just want to sleep with and there are women who I genuinely want to spend time with... So to each I behave differently.

  • No.. I love her just as much as I loved her when we were together 😦


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