What does it usually take for a 30 year old couple who have been together 4 years and living together to break up?

I think if you are at that point in life, then you are heading towards marriage and it is very hard to break at this point of life, don't you think?


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  • I would end a relationship regardless of age or length of time in the relationship if my partner were unfaithful or abusive. Also, if my partner no longer met me half way or no longer cared for my happiness then I would not see the point of exhausting further efforts.

    • What if he is still the guy you met before but things kinda get... dull. Meaning the spark isn't there. Would you try to be together with him? I mean routine doesn't have to be a bad thing righ? It could also mean stability.

    • If things got dull then I would talk to him about it. I would say, "Hey dude, we're in a rut and we need to figure out some way to get us back to good." He would have to want to fight as much for the relationship as I would for it to work for me.

    • Thank you :) good luck to ya!

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  • I think persistive negativity and clash of thoughts OR old lackluster lust. When things become out of the tolerable limit.

  • I think that that couple needs to take pause and ask some questions:

    - Are they together because they WANT to be married?
    - Are they together because they think it is the right thing to do at this point in their life?

    If the answer is the first question, then they just need to work through things. Perhaps life has gotten a little routine and they just need to work though things.

    If the answer is the second question, then they really need to take stock of things and move on before it is too late. Yes maybe they have lost some time about getting to where they really want to go... but that is better than being 40 and unhappily married.

  • You'd be suprised. My ex left me after four years. We were living together and planning to get married. The things we said to each and had been through... I thought it was it. within a month she's with her old hs bf happily ever after. Apparently I was a mistake. Roll on man


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