Trying to get over him?

I loved my boyfriend (now ex) very much, and was devastated when I found out he had cheated on me twice. Soon after, he broke up with me. It's been months, but I still can't seem to move on, and it hurts just to think about him. Any tips on how I can move past this?


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  • Do somthing productive with your time, I say pick up a guitar and learn it. and stay away from there social media acounts. Cry it all out if you have to. Stop looking at romantic movies and listening to heartbreak or romance songs. Try to stay away from anything that reminds you of him.


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  • Cheated on you twice and then he broke it up?
    He was a waste of space. Remember that

  • I feel your pain i was upset when my to dump me and found out she was dating someone else but you just have make the choice to move on and you need to forgive. You will have to be patient you find some better


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