What Is wrong with me or my ex?

Me and my ex were together 7 months almost 8. I was his longest relationship and I know that he loved me. But he can't even look at me now. The last time we talked he stared at the floor. He won't talk to me now either. Why can't he look at me and talk to me? But he stares at me from a distance. He found out that I was going to prom and I know he doesn't have a date but he told me he was going to prom and he was going to date the girl he was going with. Why would he say that? Is he trying to hurt me? Ever since he found out I was going to prom he's been trying to get a date to prom. He told my friend that he doesn't love me and he never did. But I know he's lying why is he trying to hurt me? I want him back but I don't know why he wants to hurt me.


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  • There is nothing wrong with either of you. It seems he doesn't want a friendship, give it time. But, you need to also slow down. I know going to the Prom is a big deal, but when you accepted that other invitation, you created a problem. Being a Monday morning QB is easy, but I would be mad if I were him.


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  • My ex does the exact same thing when he talks to me he doesn't even talk to me as he used to even before we went out

    • Why do they do that? I don't understand why they can't look at us...

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