Guys perspective on this breakup story?

We were together for almost a year (we are both 23 y old), and we broke up a few days ago. I was out of town for a week and a half, we had a fight because I was jealous from time to time. Before I came back to town to see him, he said he doesn't want to breakup and that we should discuss this problem. When we finally met for a talk he kissed me, we sat down for a coffee and he acted as if nothing happened, until I finally initiated conversation about our fight. I said all the things that bothered me. I asked him if he wanted to be with me or he wanted to break up. He said he didn't know, and how he can't tell if he had lost interest or it's just a phase. He also said that he knows that he can't keep me hanging by telling me to wait for him to figure if he wants to be with me. In the end I was the one to breakup with him, we were standing there to say goodbye and he said how he didn't want to hurt me and that he feels attached and has feelings for me, and asked me if we could continue to hear from each other. As he was saying these words his eyes started to fill with tears, he almost cried and it was obvious that its hard for him.
He wanted to hug me but I said I can't hug him and just walked away. Its been 5 days now and we haven't heard from each other. He usually posts everyday on Facebook, but since we broke up he only shared one song over YouTube and it was a love song. He doesn't comment on anything his friends post on his wall, but I see that he is online a lot, even over the night when he usually sleeps he's up checking his FB and whatsapp.
I am so confused what happened here, was this just a case of a guy who wanted me to break up with him so that he doesn't have to? I need opinions. Thank you.


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  • It sounds to me like you wanted to break up and he is honoring what you wanted. You were impatient with him. I mean you may have had a right to be, I do not know the details of the story. But in the end you wanted the breakup so he is not pressing himself on you.

    If you want to find out, reach out to him and see where he is at.

    • Thank you for your reply.
      I was the one to do that only because I sensed he wanted to break up, when I asked him if he wants us to fix this he said he didn't know.

    • Time to go back and speak to him. Sometimes it is better to be patient than force something.

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  • He loved it he wanted to stay with you and not hurt you but instead you hurt him sweetheart I'm surprised he hasn't broke like started cutting himself or something sooner or later he will


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  • Hard to say for sure if he wanted a way out and just felt it better for you to break it off or if he really wanted to make it work out. His actions as far as his lack of participation on social networks says he is down or at least isn't himself at this point. The only true way to know how he feels is to contact him and talk a while and weigh it for yourself

  • What he really wanted was for you to stick with him for a little longer while he figured it out. This reminds me of that song by Passenger "Let her go." "You don't know that you love her until you let her go..." That's what's happening to him. Eventually, he may ask for a second chance.


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