I don't understand his push and pull attitute?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he didn't have time for me. He didn't seem to care about that. He just said its your call. 3 weeks later he started calling me again. twice. I replied with a word to everything he asked m He wanted to know how i was doing and that he had info about something i asked few days before our breakup. (i asked him if he knew anyone who could help me arrange my stay at a different state where i was to undergo a training). I just told him i already ot that figured and he seemed disappointed. He said after trying to get info from so many people i went ahead and arranged things for myself. I told him i didn't know he was still gonna get in touch with me.(i honestly didn't cuz he was distant and withdrawn when we were together). I honestly dont't know why he poped back into my life. Guys some insight please.


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