I moved on but I still feel lost?

My ex broke up with me two months ago and I've been handling it ok. I'm just very lost. I still see him at school and we are ignoring each other right now. I just find myself not knowing what to do with my time even though I've picked up new hobbies. It's like I miss him but I don't. I want to see him, but I don't. He broke up with me impulsively and he's come back 3 times but I turned down the idea of getting back together. He's been really mean towards me and and calling me names because he's hurt. I just wish he would talk to me so we could fix it and I've forgiven him for breaking up with me and for being mean. I'm giving him the space he needs but I still feel unsettled. I have too much time on my hands and I don't have many friends who are free to spend time with me all the time. I'm not sad or depressed but I feel empty sometimes. Just thinking about spring break or summer and how much time I will have by myself is scaring me because I know I might just spend that time in bed starring mindlessly at the wall.

It feels foreign to me to ignore someone I used to be so close to.

I don't know what to do, what I feel, why I am reacting this way.


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  • getting over an ex is one of the most difficult things , i can suggest you various ideas about how to deal with it ( i wonder if it will worked), but in the end , i believe , the only thing that can help us , is "time"

    • I just feel like I have too much time

    • well , it is only two months right? as for my exp , it had been few years , and i sometimes still remember about her , even she is already married :D

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  • So basically you want your companion back? You miss him but you don't = I miss the company but not him.

    Surely you have other friends to hang out with on SB and over the Summer?

    How long were you together and why did he break up with you and then come back 3 times?

    • we were together for 2 years. I do have other friends but they're busy and they cancel on me.
      He broke up with me to focus on himself. He was failing classes and letting his hobbies die. He said he would get to his goals faster if I wasn't around. He realized that he still missed me and he still wanted to be with me and that's why he would come back. But he would act like such a jerk when I said no or when I told him I gave away the stuff he left behind (he had already picked up everything he wanted)

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    • Ok, so you are both hurting. All of the stuff he is doing is to keep your attention. You surprised him by not taking him back on those 3 occasions.

      You need to throw yourself into other things to distract yourself from thinking about him.

      I accept I could be wrong here but to me, in reality, all that you are missing is his physical presence so that you have someone to hang with over SB/the Summer.

      If you want to truly move on and forget about him, irrespective of whether you speak again or not, keep on with the changes you've made and leave him where he is.

    • I think I only miss his presence now because he's been the complete opposite of the guy I dated. So I miss who he used to be and I'm still grieving the end of the relationship. Yeah, I'll just keep ignoring him.

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  • What was his reason for breaking up?

    • He broke up with me to focus on himself. He was failing classes and letting his hobbies die. He said he would get to his goals faster if I wasn't around. He wants to develop apps, stock trade and make websites in the hopes of becoming a millionaire.

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    • He sounds like one of those people with big dreams but no drive. Clearly he is letting sex run his life. Run and don't look back.

    • ok, thanks for this :)

  • Then you haven't moved on.


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