When your ex bf dumped you?

Was it a blessing he did? When you loved him and was loyal?


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  • Give it time, hopefully like most people you will come to realize you dodged a bullet, Just takes time and a clear mind again to see a bigger picture :)


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  • It tore me to pieces. He broke up with me but he never really gave me a reason or any closure whatsoever. He just said the relationship was to hard but I was like what's so hard abut it when you didn't even try in the relationship. He was my first love and everything so yeah. But I had to move on somehow. He cheated on me as well when we were dating. For me it was a learning experience I learned a lot from it. Basically he just used me and took advantage of me, etc.


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  • Well ofcourse in my the past three months its been hell. But constantly reminding yourself that they don't want u and its okay helps.. N then u ask urself y a lot. Til you eventually see that they overlooked you that's all. And someone will see something worth keeping. This was my journey.

    I, learned that there's nothing wrong with either of us... I just wasn't to his liking and he's entitled to that cause its his life and he should do what he wants with it.

    all of that was hard to accept. But I finally did. And after that I started looking at my life and counting my blessings and naming them. Realized that we are in two different paths and he would drag me down honestly cause I was loving him through a lot of stuff.

    so now I've got only myself to carry and I know myself and I know that I love myself. And that's the best kind of love cause its forever.

    and then after all of that crying and listening to myself... He tells me he regrets everything.

    and at this time all I want to do is thank him for removing himself from my life. And not even in a bitter way.

    so yes, it was a blessing.

  • He dumped me because I like wouldn't sleep with him because I wasn't ready (I was 17). And I found out he cheated.

    • How is he doing? Has he tried to contact you?

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    • This sounds like my relationship

  • It could be a blessing in disguise.


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