Do you believe it is harder to get over your first love?

I recently broke up with my Bf. I know I can't go back only because I know my worth and I can't even allow myself to give him another chance to treat me bad. I love him a lot although I probably shouldn't. Do you think because he's my first everything, it'll be harder to move on?


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  • Yeah, I am still not over him. I am silent about him when family and friends ask or mention something about him. I act like I don't even remember him. but I think about him EVERYDAY. I am okay though, not sad or anything.

    • Do u think because u still love him, he can probably convince u later sown the road to get back together?

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    • Oh wow... I feel bad for ur BF.. Lol. Youve never gotten the chance to talk to him since?

    • We stopped talking in November. We lived far away, he was busy and I was busy. Never too bust for him but I get the vibe that he doesn't have the same feelings for me as I have for him. I kind of like it this way. It's unrequited love.

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  • Hmm... I still remember mine from when I was 6. I can still remember exactly how his smile was very... cat-like? And he sang Grandfather's Clock so well!!


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