If you told a guy you needed time to figure things out... is that the point of no return?

I'm not sure of my relationship with someone... I need time to figure things out but would that ruin everything we've been building you think?


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  • It did for my relationship. It's always nice to have your heart on the line while a woman makes up mind.

    • but isn't better for her to say that then string you along?

    • Yes. And it's even better when a woman isn't fickle in the first place.

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  • It's called tsking a break. That's nornal and he should give Her the time she needs


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  • Depends, it's not good or bad, you either come back stronger, or you walk away... Let him know where he stands, he should keep his options open at this stage, just be honest with him, and do what you feel is right


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