Should I try for him again in the future?

I was dating this guy for just over a month, and he ended things with me a few days ago. He said it had nothing to do with how he felt about me, he said he honestly really liked me, thought I was awesome, but the distance was becoming an issue (he lived about an hour away and had no time for a long distance relationship) It really hurt cause I liked him a lot too, and if we lived closer it could have turned into something amazing. I still have his number, although am keeping myself from texting until I can get over these feelings. Would it be a good idea to message him after some time has passed? I don’t know if he’d ever change his mind, but should I try? Or at least make subtle hints that I’d like to try and date again? Thanks :)


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  • You haven't even fixed the issue that caused the problem. So why try until that problem is fixed?
    That being said, I do NOT recommend you moving closer to him just to be with him lol. I'm just making a point. If a guy broke up with me because I had green hair, and then a week later I decided to try again it would be pointless because my hair is still green. You catch my drift.
    Besides have you considered other reasons that may have contributed to his decision? How do you know he hasn't started dating someone closer to him? Something like that could've made it easier to end it with you.
    Just let it go for now...

    • Oh no, I never had the intent of moving closer to him at all. I just meant should I try and see if he'd like to start dating again, with ample time at least, not right away.

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    • That would mean that he likes you so much, he'd be willing to not see you. If he discovers that he feels this way, that would be a pretty big deal so I'm assuming he'd let you know. But I wouldn't take on the job of contacting him to check up and see if he has stronger feelings for you. Chances are he's going to move on and so are you. Just take time to heal. Once you're over it, you'll see the situation clearer and understand why you should leave it alone.

    • You're absolutely right. Thank you for your honest opinion :)

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  • Let him come to you... keep your options open though, don't wait around for him...
    If he is interested, if your quiet for a while, his curiosity will get the better of him and he will reach out at some stage... we always do

  • Let him come to you

    • A little more detail might help please :)

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    • That's the thing, I kept his number, I have no idea whether or not he kept mine. But I guess you mean if he doesn't get in touch with me I should just leave it alone.

    • Yes


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  • No just don't contact with him.
    He openly said, he doesn't want.
    If you text him, this behavior will push him more.
    He might want a relationship with you, but not now. Let him decide himself, and come on his own.

  • I wouldn't message him unless you felt like you could greatly improve on the relationship you had with him. Because if it's just going to end the same way then what's the point?


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