What is my ex meaning by all of this? Help?

It's been 2 months since I dumped my ex and he has been begging for my attention. It's so frustrating that all he wanted was space and now he's upset that I'm ignoring him. He had some people that I don't know come up to me and tell me that he is miserable now that I'm not in his life anymore. And he keeps trying to talk to me every day. And I don't know what his texts mean:
-"I wanted to say you did well at pratice"
-"Well night I had a busy day. Hope your night was well"
-"You mad or do you want to text?"
-"I will not give up, you will be my friend"
-"You still won't reply? Okay... :/"
-"So what is happening with you now?"


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  • He sounds obsessed with you. .. that's a danger sign


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  • He sounds like the kind of person you don't need in your life, bipolar almost. I wouldn't go back to him, because then he thinks that he can keep doing the same thing to you


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