Ex boyfriend isn't giving me my stuff back?

Hey guys,

So me and my ex broke up about 4 weeks ago. We haven't reallytalked since the break up until only a Little bit and he gave me compliments about how i look in my new Facebook Pictures and that he would get "lost in my eyes" if he sees me again (and that he could not think clearly when he sees me -.-) it was a weird break up i wanted to talk to him face to face but since a month now he always finds a way to not meet me & talk! That really pisses me off. Well now I sent him a text asking for a couple things back I left at his house. They are not valuable things. He sent a text back saying let's figure something out for next week. I agreed but he didn't come. Same this weekend he just didn't show up and just apologized. I'm SICK of this why doesn't he want to give me my stuff back.. is he afraid of talking.. does he still love me?


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  • quoted from your question.

    'since a month now he always finds a way to not meet me & talk!'.

    'does he still love me?'.

    If you ever loved a guy truly, would you find ways to NOT meet and talk to him?

    Cut off contact completely. forget your things.


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  • Because if he gives you your stuff. The reality the relationship is over will hit. He is grasping at straws.
    If they are things that you can live without I think you're better off cutting your losses.
    Maybe in a month or so he'll come around.

  • If he is that affraid of seeing you and facing you when giving your stuff back why not get a middle man? Get someone else to get your stuff at his house. Should be easier for both of you.

  • Real cases. Real people. Judge Judy.


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