He broke up before deployment should I wait for him?

He try me in 2012 and i didn't want him because of our age diffrent im a year older than him and one could notice it. in late 2012 we had our 1st kiss and we were both in a relationship. we could keep hands from each other and try to do it undercover. my bf find out and i ask him to stop communication. in 2015 we started to communicate again a day before he go for deployment and he ask me to go in a relationship we were both single had unprotected sex i still dont know if im pregnant or not. he said when he comes back he want to start a family with me and i must move in with him and 2years after he want to get married. im not a social tipe dont go to clubs or drink alcohol. he said to his friends im his wife to be. ask me to wait for him but a day bebore deployment he ended our relationship what to do?
need advise people please help


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  • move on with your life, don't be dragged into his world. get out while you can.


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  • so, a day before deployment you got into a relationship with him. Had sex and on the same day he ended it? And you are still wondering what to do?

    I can't even...

    • maybe i didn't explain it rite but he was still on training for two months before he deploys so we were dating to months

    • ahhh ok, well I guess it depends on how long he will be away then. If it is just a copuple of months you could wait and see if things pick up when he returns. Otherwise I would suggest that you move on with your life. There is no way of knowing what will happen in the future anyway so just focus on you for now and don't plan on something that might or might not happen.

    • he's going for 12 months

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