Broke up with my gf about a year and a half ago and she got pregnant with another guy about 8 months ago. I thought I was over her but I still loveher?

I broke up with my gf about a year and half ago, and i was hung up about it for a couple months but seemed to have gotten over it. But she got pregnant with her new be about 8 months ago, and now I just feel like I love her again. I don't understand why, I mean if this was any other girl I would be angry, well I was angry with her but not very long. But if it were anyone else I would do what I could to avoid even merely thinking about her. And it's just this weird fucking wishy washy feeling between still having feelings for her and being sad. I just don't understand it. Can someone help, can someone explain this?


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  • too late. you fucked up. move on.


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  • It seems you think about her, just because she got pregnant, maybe you 're fantasising of :What if... but although it seems like you love her it's just your ego talking, on why did she moved on?, you you'll feel relief when the baby is born and you won't have to care of it.

  • Why did u break up with her?


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  • Basically ya ain't over her bud
    sounds like you tried to force yaself and just wasn't ready.

    I could list the basics: get a hobby
    make new friends

    All that jazz
    but honestly only thing that will really help is time.

    Just remember
    you don't love her... you miss her
    and that's ok

  • Go check your testosterone level first

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