Girls , what if he insists on talking to his ex after you said it is hurting you a lot?

say he try to work things with you after a break up where he has hurt u , but then you found he still talks to his ex, he apologized and tried to make it up for you, but still insists on talking to her, will you get back?, you love him but it is hurting you


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  • Simple, he doesn't respect you

    • What she said. My ex felt the need to speak with her ex after I proposed and wanted her to move a cpl hrs away. I should've ran then

    • Oh sorry i dont get it , can you repeat

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  • Let me tell you, what you're going to do.
    You are going to sit him down, cook a nice meal for him, treat him like the "prince" he is, and then you are going to say something along these lines:

    "Baby, I just want you to know that I love you, and that I appreciate you for the friend, the lover, and the man you are to me. I think you are an amazing person blabla (sugar coat it basically at this point). I really miss what we had, and I can see that you care about me, and you need to know that i see the effort you're putting to make it work and that i care for you and our relationship very much. And because it is you, because it is our relationship, i have thought about it for a long time. And i am sorry, i may be disappointing you, but i am not mature enough to let you be close to this girl. It is only my issue, and i am sorry that i cannot deal with it on my own, i really wish i could, but i cannot find it in myself at this point of my life and of our relationship, to not hurt when i see you contacting her. Because of how great you are, i need to let you know that and again I am sorry, i wish it could be different. I have too much respect for you, to pretend that I don't care. Because if I do pretend, this relationship is not going to work, because of me."

    NOW, let me be clear it do not believe a single word i just wrote, but from my own experience this is the only thing that works. Men don't respond to threats, yelling or begging. But if you tell him how important he is and blablabla you may just get want you wanted.
    Also, if after this, his response is not "ok i am going to break it off with her", let him go and move on. Because no matter if this relationship with his ex is purely friendly or there is something there, if you feel uncomfortable with it, that's just it, he needs to accept it, and work with it.


    • Yes i see your point , the problem is that we are not in the relationship yet , he is my ex, he has left me and hurt me a lot before , and after 2 years , he decided to come back telling me he loves me and he could never forget me , i believed him and as soon as i started wanting to get back , i found out he talked to his ex and met her twice , and there was conversations between them both that he couldnt show me. it broke my heart a lot, he tried to make it up for me and said sorry but i was so hurt. After 2 weeks , he travelled again and he wanted us to talk but i couldnt , i tried but i couldnt , i couldnt talk to him when i was feeling that he still has something for her. But i talked to him on valentine , after that i found out he is still talking to her and was lying when he said he didn't. i cried a lot , he then tried to talk to me twice but he wanted me to talk to him but they will remain talking , i couldnt, it is too hard for me. what do u think i should do?

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  • Seems like he is pushing his boundaries to see how much you will put up with and if you put up with this he will think he can do as he pleases. If it's upset you or hurt you and he doesn't stop then he doesn't respect you i would say.


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