My gfriend isn't feeling well&im worried about her way shld I do?

The problem is that our realationship was falling apart so we decided to end b4 anything bad happens.. so Basicly the night b4 we said gdbye she wasn't feel well&she passed out&went to the E. R... but thank g-d it was ok, so ever since then I got really worried&scared bec she. Told me her health is falling apart... anyway we said gdbye&we agreed to no more talking at all... now I don't know what to do, I'm concerned about how she is&i have no way to get through to her without permission&hI don't want to upset her... what shld I do? Help!! Thank u every1


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  • If you really really really care about her fucking talk to her
    Seriously hearing from you is probably something she wants but you really need to check on her just once
    Tell her you were really worried and it was keeping you up at night
    Just talk to her


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  • Write her a letter. Not email, a letter with a stamp on it. :)

    Tell her you don't require a response you just want to let her know that you are thinking about her and hope she is okay.

    • Wats the point of that no response thing ? If I want to no how she's doin? How will I find out... thanks anyway

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    • I hear u!, but right now I want to no that she is alright&feels good!!, I don't know man thanks anyway

    • Yeah I get that you want to know. But she asked you not to contact her. So do you respect that or do you make it about you and contact her?

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  • get her to a doctor instead of playing on gag maybe.. ?


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  • Try and get her friends to check up on her, but make sure they understand that it's out of concern of her health


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