Question 2 for my situation- need your advice again. Thanks for the advice I received the first time, it really helped ( Woman's advice)?

This is part 2 to my 1st question. I tried to add a link so you could read the 1st question but was not allowed (info). Maybe my username will have my 1st question. Sorry new to this site

I gave my ex 5 days of NC. The day she was to drop off my stuff I got weak and called her from my cell, comes up private. She never answers private callers, but knows that's how I always call. I figured she would not pick up. She answered, blew me off quick saying she was at her friends place, would call me later that night after putting her 2 year old to bed. She called me back after leaving her friends place at 5 asking what I wanted. I kinda panicked, instead of telling her how I felt, I asked if she dropped my things off yet. She said no, she was on her way, would be there in 30 minutes. Asked if I would be home, I said no and told her I left something on the porch for her. She asked if there was anything else I wanted, I said yes but maybe we could talk later cause it was really hard hearing her on bluetooth. She said she would call me later that night. Within 40 minutes she texted thanking me for the gift I left for her kids, which I bought before breakup (she already knew about). The gift was in a box, so she would've had to open it to see what was inside. Some simple texts back and forth till we talked that night, even joking calling me a nerd once. So she called around 10 to see what I wanted. I still did not have the nerve to talk about us so I kept it simple talked about kids, what she's been up to etc. I let her go after about 20 mins. She texted me 20 mins later saying she was surprised to hear from me because I never responded earlier in the week to her friend request. A day goes by, she texts asking about the gym I attend. I told her I do not think us at a gym together is a good idea cause I'm still healing from the breakup trying to move on. Now she's mad again saying I have issues/drama and never to contact her. What do I do now? :(
I opened up about my feelings when she asked to join my gym. Told her she wanted the breakup, I'm still processing my feelings, dealing with the hurt. I'm moving on as she requested the breakup. If the roles were reversed, I wanted to go 2 her gym after the breakup, positive cops would be at my door. I expressed to her the gym was helping me deal with the stress of the breakup. She could've told me how she felt. Her response I'll go where I want even if u r there. There's 3 gyms closer to her.


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  • I haven't seen the first part of the question, but it sounds to me that you have to either "shit or get off the pot" as my mother would say..

    You want to talk to her about your feelings, so just do it, buck up the courage and get on with it. She may even sense that you have something to say but you haven't gotten on with it.

    You can try sending her a message and tell her you have a lot on your mind and you're just having a really hard time saying it. If she's the understanding type, she'll give you another chance to finally open up, but it will be up to you to follow through. Wish you luck, hope this helps.


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