I dont know what to do or think?

I guess the problem starts with this. I am somewhat decent looking dude, with a not so athletic build, tall. I am at times funny. But most of the time, I am stressed about something and as a result, act very strange and out of my mind at times, or quite and very serious at times. She on the other hand is just so out of my league. She is medium height, a face that makes me think about her all day, skinny, except for the thighs and a very nice butt ( I know, I just needed to add that in there). She is so fun to be around. She may act tough as nails, but she is the most caring and compassionate and most importantly, my best friend since we started dating. I love her to bits. She is definitely the girl I want to come home to. To wake up next to for the rest of my life. Keep in mind, I am only 18, she is 17. I know that there are things that change, people who change, and most importantly, I do not know what is right for me in the future, but what I do know is that I want her to be a part of my life so bad. I just love her to bits. Every part of her is wonderful. Her personality, her beauty, her passion, her humor. She is the total package. But me? I most definitely am not. I feel out of sync with myself. I used to be overconfident, now I am not confident in myself at all. Pretty soon, we will be graduating, going to schools in different towns at least hours away from each other. And with that comes the decision of breaking it off. I can't imagine my life as it was before we were together. I don’t know who I would talk to all the time, who I would ask for help. All of my actual friends are gone and all I have is her. I just don’t want to be alone, and it crushes me that she won't be there with me. I needed her support so much in the past year through all the pressure of my parents wanting me to get into the best schools, my parents yelling at me, my home life being a crap shoot and through the use of my medication that changes my mood very rapidly and makes me very paran
(cont'd) very paranoid. I just do not know what to do. She wants us to experience college, I agree with this. As a result, that would lead us to be separated. I can't bear the thought of this. She is my Sun. I cannot think of life without her. With that fact, she said that she could see us being together in five years after we split up. She said that I was such an ideal guy for her to have in her life. I loved hearing that but she said this after at a party, while she was buzzed, she told me
(cont'd) that she wasn’t capable of loving only one person. Another problem with this, I can't bear the thought that someone else could be with her in that time. I don’t even feel like I would even want to see other girls. She might be able to transfer to my school at the end of the first year. This option leads me to the conclusion that I won't ever be able to get over her. It took me three years to get over a crush I had in highschool. Three years! I had several girls tell me they liked


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  • First off.. no one os out of your league. Get that out of your head.

    Second, keep it on cruise control. you're life will guide the way. Its gooing to end. you're going to bang a ton of horny girls happy theyre out of their parents house. You may meet a nice girl in junior year. Roll with it


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